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Be The Light That Guides In The Darkness.

These flashlight gloves are practical in your daily life, suitable for people who are fishermen, gadget lover, network engineer, plumber, also fits for outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing, camping, cycling, hiking, running and so on. The finger flashlight gloves are made of cotton, which is a breathable, soft and light weight provides you with a comfortable wearing experience. the straps on the wrists are adjustable which allows you to adjust the fit to your own size, the gloves will not come loose when working due to nice elasticity and strong Velcro on the straps. The simple design with an on/ off button on the surface of the fishing gloves makes it convenient and easy for you to turn on or turn off and you can replace the battery easily with a screwdriver. The package comes with 2 pairs LED flashlight gloves, with 2 LED on the forefinger and thumb, can help to guide the way in the darkness. Get this bargain now at

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