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Best lures to help you catch the 1-meter Barramundi!

Barramundi are known to be great fighting fish which also taste great on the dinner plate. Alot of anglers around the northern areas of Australia are on the hunt to catch the larger 1-meter barramundi. To do this however, they need to watch out for angry crocodiles and large riptides which means they need lures that will perform every time they are out.

Proven time and time again the Zman Swimmerz in the 4-inch Pearl range to be super effective when targeting barramundi. The Zman Swimmerz have an incredible tail action which sends out a thumping distress vibration through the water catching the attention of any big barramundi in the area. See them at

The Daiwa Double Clutch 115SP is such a versatile lure for fishing in creeks and rivers. It has an easy cast action which allows you to place the lure with pinpoint accuracy into and around structure to entice and big barramundi out from its hiding spot to grab a quick snack. You can rely on Daiwa to equip their lures with the strong sharp hooks so when you get the big barramundi to bite you know it won't throw the hooks as it breaches out of the water. Available at

When it comes to imitating bait fish, you can't go past the Bassday Sugar Deep 70mm range of lures. The Sugar Deep is a deep diving lure which when the retrieve has been stopped, it stays in suspension in the water column keeping the lure in the strike zone for longer to give you a better chance of getting a strike. The SB-254 coloration is idea for mimicking small mullet and juvenile fish which the large barramundi prey on. Check out the range at

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