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Exciting lures for topwater whiting fishing.

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Lure fishing for whiting has taken off in popularity over the last few years. With whiting aggressively chasing lures both above and below the surface, attacking lures in a pack mentality and being in my opinion one of the best pound for pound fighting fish you can take your whole family out to get in on the action.

#1 Bassday Sugapen 70 Float - C-264FG:

Bassday Sugapens are one of the best top water lures for hunting whiting on the flats. using the walk-the-dog retrieve will imitate small prawns or fleeing baitfish. Any angler you see walking the flats fishing for whiting will definitely have one or two of these magical lures. coming in a range of sizes and colors, there will be one to suit every occasion and will even entice some by catch such as Bream, Flathead and small tailor. Available at

#2 Daiwa Infeet slippery dog 80f:

Slippery Dog has been re-invented and re-tuned and now features tungsten weighting, improving the posture of the lure in the water and drastically improving the lure's responsiveness when retrieved. A topwater walk-the-dog lure, Slippery Dog is the perfect prawn imitation. The TG tune models now feature 2 small plastic rattle beads placed in the head of each lure, emulating the clicking sound of fleeing prawns on the surface. Each Slippery Dog now comes fitted with BKK Striker Assist hooks on the rear eyelet, a feature many keen Whiting anglers can attest to increasing hook-up rates. The free-swinging hooks sit below the lure when paused and can freely swing across to secure a hook-up during the strike. Grab a great deal at

#3 Atomic Hardz pop 50:

The Atomic Hardz Pop 50 Floating is a go-to lure for the shallow sandy, rocky and weed covered flats surrounding our estuaries. With a great range of colors, they catch bream, whiting, flathead and most other species keen enough to take a surface lure. While using a consistent popping retrieval this mini popper will get any school of whiting excited. Pop in and get yours at

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