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Keep Those Slippery Cephalopods Engaged and Secured!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

These squid jig bodies are made of high-quality plastic material that is sturdy and able to hold up to any rocky bottom bouncing. 3D holographic eyes and advanced feathers on both sides of the body make it flow and swim naturally in the water, making it more realistic with the squid jig body being colourful and bright attracting the attention of any squid in the area. The glow in the dark fluorescent layer on the head and tail to add additional attractant the squid during both day and night. These Squid jigs are versatile and are suitable for squid, octopus, and Cuttlefish fishing.

There are 4 types of squid jigs: 2.5 #, 3.0 #, 3.5 #, 4.0 #, Each model contains 8 colored shrimp baits, packed in translucent bags. Pick up more squid with these jigs, available at

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