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My Top 3 Lures Which Australian Salmon Smash!

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

This shallow running model is also designed for extreme casting distances in the most demanding conditions. Built heavy and tough to target large, aggressive saltwater Predators. Fish with a fast, steady retrieve for a snaking, wobbling action with minimal resistance, or Jerk to Walk-the-Dog just under the surface with the legendary X-Rap Slash bait action. Fluttering down on the drop for multitudes of presentation options, combined with heavy hardware and super strong VMC single hooks this lure is guaranteed to catch Aussie Salmon. Be sure to get yours now at Amazon Rapala.

The newest generation Yo-Zuri crystal 3D minnow floating diver lure had a spectacular design with a brilliant internal 3D prism design to give the maximum amount of flash and sparkle to attract oceanic predatory fish by mimicking baitfish with its slender profile. With the ability to dive to a depth of 3.5 feet and with a weight of 3/4oz, this minnow is easy to cast and will be in the face of any fast-moving predator looking for an easy meal. Get this amazing lure at Amazon Yo-Zuri.

Rigged with quality components for maximum durability, the chrome Twisty jigs come complete with a swivel and heat-sealed hook. Designed with a unique curved edge, they can be retrieved by a slow wobble or a high-speed splashing action. Twisty jigs are great for rock, beach or offshore fishing. The chrome finish adds a flash while fluttering through the water on the sink attracting Australian salmon and other predator species such as kingfish, amberjack, samson fish, coral trout and mackerel looking for a quick bite. Get in quick before these sell out at Amazon Halco Twisty.

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