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Top 3 lures to help you catch big bream.

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Catching a big bream is a challenge that most anglers have on their bucket lists. While most anglers choose to use baits such as prawn or squid to entice a bite out of these elusive and timid creatures, a few keen bream anglers have managed to hook a bream of a lifetime using lures. Here is the list of lures I have found most commonly used to hook a big one!

The Atomic Hardz 38 Deep Crank Bait has always been a go to lure that most anglers use to seek out fish in bodies of water. While it is useful in this way, anglers tend to swap this lure fairly early once the bream have come onto the bite. This lure being only 38mm long is the ideal size to swim in front of a large bream's face and in the Prawn Tiger color, makes it look like a big juicy Snack just waiting for the bream to strike. The Atomic Hardz has a great action as it swims and dives down deep to get you into the strike zone. Check them out at

The Ecogear ZX40 vibe blade is an absolute weapon when it comes to getting bream to strike. The ZX40 mimics a fleeing prawn and gives off a strong vibration as it travels through the water. This motion combined with the bright metallic silver finish will attract the attention of large bream from all around your fishing spot to come and investigate your lure as you work it through the water. The ZX40 comes with small assist hooks already installed which will help in hooking any timid or shy bream that strikes short of your lure. Available at

If you talk to any angler who targets bream the Zman GrubZ 6cm in motor oil color is always a favorite and will certainly be in their tackle boxes. The GrubZ have an amazing action which is created by the curly tail which vibrates and swirls as the soft plastic sinks. The GrubZ can be retrieved by slowly lifting and dropping your rod tip with a slight jig or slow rolling them across the bottom to look like fleeing prey. Best value for these is at

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