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River Fishing Holidays – The Perfect Getaway

Ready to tame the wild rivers and catch a whopper? Then come join us for a river fishing holiday – the perfect way to relax, have some fun and create some wonderful memories. With top quality gear, expert tuition and stunning scenery, we guarantee you’ll be reeling in spectacle after spectacle!

So why not switch off from everyday life and get back to nature – let's go river fishing!


River fishing holidays are the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you're a novice or an experienced angler looking for a peaceful break, rivers can offer some of the most rewarding and enjoyable fishing experiences.

From remote stretches of river deep in the countryside to fast-paced city locations, rivers offer a variety of habitats to explore and find fish – from carp and pike, to barbel and chub. What's more, holidays on Britain’s canals and rivers can provide enjoyment regardless of the weather – in bright sunshine or in heavy rain.

At their very heart, river fishing holidays are all about simply getting away from it all. With miles of water available, there's plenty of choice when it comes to identifying your perfect spot for an immersive outdoor weekend break or an extended holiday stay.

Whether you’re fishing alone or with friends and family, why not explore what river fishing holidays have to offer? There are ideal opportunities for those who want to improve their angling skills alongside those who want just want a weekend away from the stress associated with everyday life. Make sure you take advantage of them!

Benefits of River Fishing Holidays

River fishing holidays offer an ideal opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a relaxed setting. Being out on the water and experiencing nature in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere can be incredibly therapeutic and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a longer break, river fishing holidays are the perfect choice.

River fishing holidays are not only enjoyable, but also offer a range of health benefits. They allow people to better connect with nature, helping them to foster positive mental wellbeing, reduce stress levels, lessen anxieties associated with modern life and help create a general feeling of well-being.

Moreover, river fishing holidays can provide good exercise opportunities through walking along the river banks and carrying heavy rods or equipment. Rivers provide environment where people can practice mindfulness; reconnecting with themselves which in turn can benefit both physical and psychological health by helping build strong relationships between body and mind.

Being outdoors also increases levels of Vitamin D in the body which helps regulate moods, keeps bones strong and even aids weight loss. Finally, they give anglers an opportunity to learn new skills such as tying flies or knots with family members or friends, increasing interaction among them all whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

Types of River Fishing Holidays

River fishing holidays can offer the perfect escape from busy life and provide an enjoyable way to relax and de-stress surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or an enthusiastic novice, there are many different types of river fishing holidays to choose from. Generally, they are categorised by the type of fish that you will be mostly likely to catch during the trip.

No matter what type of river holiday you choose there’s no denying that quality time spent outdoors combined with beautiful scenery all around make it an unforgettable experience that’ll carry on long after your bags were unpacked!

Let’s explore some of the most popular types of river fishing holidays:

  • Salmon Fishing Holidays – Salmon can be found in rivers throughout Europe and beyond. Anglers can often find different varieties of Salmon lurking in river depths, such as Atlantics, Pacifics and Browns. Professional guides will show you the best spots for Salmon fishing so that you get the most out of your holiday experience.

  • Trout Fishing Holidays – Trout tend to stay close to shore in relatively shallow areas, but their skittish personalities make them a rewarding challenge for anglers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a fly fisherman or prefer more traditional baitcasting methods, salmon fishing trips usually include detailed instructions on where best to cast your line according to the time of year and river conditions.

  • Carp Fishing Holidays – Carp can potentially provide some larger catches than other types of fish found in rivers. These fish put up an excellent fight when hooked, making them a great target for experienced fishers aiming for bigger catches during their holiday outing. Detailed instruction on catching carp is provided during these tours so that everyone has a chance at reeling one in!

  • Catfish Fishing Holidays – Catfish are among some of the strongest fighters in freshwater river species and with proper guidance it is possible to land monster catfish weighing 6-8kg! During these catfishing expeditions everything is provided including intense tuition on finding catfish hotspots and lures/bait selection for best results.

Preparing for a River Fishing Holiday

If you’re ready for a holiday like no other and have decided to undertake a river fishing weekend away, you need to prepare adequately to make sure your trip is a success. Taking the right equipment, proper clothing and adequate food are all essential components of having an enjoyable and relaxing trip.

First of all, you'll need rods and reels that are best suited to the type of fishing you’ll be doing – spinning reels or bait-casting reels will depend on how long your trip is and how far away from the riverbank you plan on fishing. As well as traditional rods and lines, there are combos available, consisting of both the rod and the reel together. Be aware that longer casts require stronger rod material in order to keep your line from breaking mid-cast.

Proper clothing is also important – waterproof trousers with pockets for storage, waders or chest waders if required, fleece pullovers for chillier weather and layers such as thermals in case temperatures drop further at night. Warm boots that won’t get too waterlogged are also necessary.

Choose foods carefully which can endure transportation without any refrigeration –

  • tinned meats such as tuna or sardines

  • instant soups

  • cereal bars or breakfast bars

– any food items which don't require reheating and which don't go off too quickly are ideal when it comes to packing your cooler box or backpack ahead of departure. Portable barbeque sets can also be handy in order to cook up some fresh catches! Finally make sure you bring along gallons of drinking water so that you stay hydrated whilst out in the wilderness.

Essential Gear for River Fishing

When you’re planning an exciting break away to a river fishing holiday, it’s important to make sure you have the right gear with you. While some of the equipment is obvious – such as waders and fishing rods – there’s also plenty of optional extras to consider.

To make sure your river fishing holiday runs as smoothly as possible, here is a quick checklist of all the essentials:

  • Rod and reel: Select a lightweight rod that works best in your local area. Make sure the reel you choose can handle the type of fish species in your region.

  • Lures: Bring along multipurpose lures that can be used for a variety of fish species, plus spare parts and component parts for repairs if needed.

  • Baits: Live bait is generally more effective for river fishing than pre-packaged baits, so don’t forget to bring along earthworms or night crawlers.

  • Tackle box: Essential for carrying all your supplies together in an organized manner and keeping everything clean and secure when transporting it from place to place.

  • Waders: A must for any river fishing trip! Waders are designed to keep you warm and dry while out on the water; they should be waterproof and breathable, with adjustable straps for comfort.

  • Nets: Make sure you have a sturdy net with a wide opening, plus a long handle that can reach deep into the water if needed.

  • Line cutters: Used to cut through natural or monofilament line in case of snags or knots while out on the water, line cutters are an essential item every angler should have in their tackle box!

  • Float tubes: Also known as ‘mini boats’ these special inflatable tubes allows anglers more access to different areas on rivers that are often inaccessible by foot or wading pools – so don’t forget yours!

Tips for a Successful River Fishing Holiday

When it comes to planning the perfect river fishing holiday, there are a few tips you should know to make your trip as successful, enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Here are some of the key points that can help you get started:

  1. Research the area – Make sure you do your research on the specific location you want to visit before booking your trip. Find out what sort of species are available in different rivers, what kind of tackle and techniques are best suited for the river's conditions and the type of fish you're trying to catch.

  2. Choose an experienced guide – If possible, hire a guide or charter service to help explore the local waters and get advice on where to best place your bait for maximum success. Experienced guides have knowledge about specific areas or stretches of water with valuable advice about when, where and how best to approach fishing in these waters for optimum results.

  3. Prepare for weather changes – Check local weather reports in advance so you can be prepared for any sudden changes during your trip that might interrupt or delay your excursion. Some rivers can become quite dangerous and unpredictable during certain seasons due to flooding, storms or other natural phenomena – so having prior knowledge and taking necessary preventive measures is key!

  4. Bring appropriate gear – Make sure that all recommended safety equipment is packed along with necessary rod, reel and tackle components and bait supplies relevant to that particular location, season or type of fishing ahead of time so you don't miss a single detail when it comes time for action!

  5. Enjoy yourself! – Finally remember that while preparation is important in any activity related adventure – this is meant more as a fun exploration into another world than an examination into precisely-executed techniques – so don't forget to enjoy yourself!

Common River Fishing Techniques

There are a variety of fishing techniques that can be utilized when angling in rivers. Knowing which method is best for the type of fish being sought and the environmental factors of the river, such as its size or the location of the desired fish, can help improve your chances for a successful trip.

The three most common river fishing techniques are float fishing, bottom fishing, and spin casting. Float fishing involves using a brightly colored orange or red bobber that sits on top of the water and keeps your bait hovering just above the riverbed. Bottom fishing uses a variety of baits to draw in prey from near or far as it rests on the bottom. Spin casting combines float fishing with lures in order to attract fish from greater distances.

Each technique offers unique benefits, deterrents, and potential rewards depending on your target catch. Properly matching your equipment and method to that particular environment can significantly improve your chances at bringing home dinner!


In conclusion, river fishing holidays provide a challenging and rewarding experience for fishing enthusiasts of all levels. Taking time out of the everyday hustle and bustle to relax and enjoy nature is proven to be good for your physical and mental health, making it a great way to reconnect with friends or spend quality time with family.

From peaceful lakeside campgrounds to lively town hubs, there are an array of memorable destinations available around the world that cater to the varied needs each traveler is sure to have. Whatever your holiday preference, ensure you take full advantage of a unique experience when visiting some of the best freshwater angling spots on earth.

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