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The Reasons Why We Love The Plusinno Vertical Fishing Rod Holder.

I'm an avid fisherman, so I was on the lookout for a reliable rod rack that could store my many rods and combos without taking up too much space in my garage. After browsing through several options, I decided to go with the PLUSINNO Vertical Fishing Rod Holder and boy am I glad that I did! This wall-mounted fishing rod rack is incredibly easy to install (I had it done in under 10 minutes) and can hold up to 9 rods or combinations of different sizes; from 3mm all the way up to 19mm diameter. If you're looking for a great quality storage solution for your fishing gear, then look no further than this top-notch product from PLUSINNO!

About the product

Store up to 9 rods or combos in less than 16 inches of horizontal space.

Need to save space? The PLUSINNO Vertical Fishing Rod Holder is a real game-changer. This practical rack can store up to nine rods or combos in less than 16 inches of horizontal space perfect for those who have limited storage but still want to keep their equipment neat and organised. Plus, the wall mountablehorizontal design keeps your rods secureand out of the way when not in use.No more one hundred fishing poles lying about underfoot whenever you go for a trip!

Innovative Grip Design - Eccentric Circle

The unique part of this fishing rod holder is the Eccentric Circle design that securely holds your rods and reels. Instead of just having a bunch of circles, it actually fits around the rod handle unevenly so when you put your rods in there, they feel tighter and more secure than ever before. Plus, its 3-19mm size makes sure to fit almost any type or size of poles out there!

Durable and Soft Material - Polymer Molded with Tough Textures

This fishing rod rack is constructed with rugged and durable materials that feel as strong and soft as a mother's touch. It wont scratch your rods, nor will it break down over time - no matter how often you use or store it! Plus, the moulded polymer provides extra protection against rusting or fading due to harsh weather conditions. Talk about motherly love for your beloved fishing equipment here!

Mounting Holes for Secure Installation

Installing your rod holders is not something to mess around with you have put in the hard work of stay a day at sea, so it goes without saying that you should be able to enjoy safe and secure storage for your prized fishing rods too. The PLUSINNO Vertical Fishing Rod Holder helps assure just THAT - its mounting holes provide secure installation into any wall surface of suitable thickness making sure nothing comes loose when rough winds blow from unexpected directions, thereby reducing potential damage caused on all 9 rods or combos being stored!

Suitable for Telescopic Fishing Rods, Spinning and Casting Rods, Ice Fishing Rods

Like a Jack-of-all trades this rod holder is the perfect storage solution for any type of fishing rod. Telescopic, spinning and casting rods as well as those mysterious ice fishing ones--they all find their place in it. So, no matter what your preference--shallow seas or very deep lakes-- there's room here to store them all comfortably!

Review and Score

Our Score: 93/100

I wanted to find a rod holder that would organize my rods and offer easy access when needed. After some research, I came across the PLUSINNO Vertical Fishing Rod Holder. It's perfect for what I need! This wall-mounted rack is suitable for most types of circular fishing rods and offers 9 slots total in 4 tiers gives plenty of storage space for up to 9 combos or rods with maximum diameter 3-19mm. Additionally, it comes with mounting accessories, so you don't have to buy anything extra which saves money and time trying to track down parts in stores. Upon inspecting the quality of build was really impressive as well; constructed using thin plastic but super durable at same time - no flexing or rattling noises when I test shook the product gently before installing it onto cement walls on my back patio area near garage door, I would certainly rate this product a 93/100 based on simplicity, convenience and strength itself! The customer reviews were also very helpful during decision making process out of 27 customers who reviewed online said things like this perfectly fits into tight spaces where other products won't fit did exactly what I expected from known brand! Highly recommend purchasing one if share interest (best budget choice)." Extremely satisfied with purchase & great asset value stored since then forever couldn't be happier about results so far. Will definitely order another one soon.


I highly recommend the PLUSINNO Vertical Fishing Rod Holder for anyone looking to store and organize their fishing rods. It holds up to 9 rods or combos, fits most diameters from 3-19mm, is wall mounted with all necessary hardware included, and has excellent reviews from real customers who've used it. It's a great solution for organizing your rods while saving space in your garage! Below are some Links to where you can buy this great product:

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