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Fighting with the heavyweight Giant Trevally!

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

The giant trevally (Carynx Ignobilis) has a fierce reputation, and it is completely justified, pound for pound, possibly the strongest fish that exists in our beautiful oceans. Hands down, many people’s absolute favorite fish to target. Whether it’s scratching for juveniles breeding in natural water systems (estuaries) or targeting 40-pound beasts offshore from the kayak or boat. When the weather is good, with decent water conditions, and the giant trevally are in the mood, they will eat anything. They have insatiable appetites. Because they are so quick, smaller predatory fish and baitfish don’t stand a chance. However, periods when bites are not so easy to come by. Here are a few lures to hopefully assist you in times of need:

The Nomad Riptide has had extensive development with internal weights placed specifically to maximise casting distance. When retrieving the stick bait you can get an incredible side to side action, with the lure turning nearly 180 degrees when twitched in a walk the dog style retrieve. With the Riptide being a floating stick bait it can be fished fast or slow in rough or calm water and is able to stand up to immense punishment thanks to its full body through wire construction and super strong trebles This lure is definitely a winner when chasing giant trevally. Get a hold of them at

Halco’s highly durable Roosta Popper 135 will have you hooked on surface fishing in an instant. This is a highly durable retrieve popper which comes standard with #2/0 Mustad 3XX Trebles to ensure you land more fish, time and time again. With its large concave face allows a large blooping action with minimal effort getting the attention of any predatory fish in the area. The Roosta is also a great lure to use on Spanish mackerel. Make a splash and get one from

Mxeol Saltwater Poppers are handmade out of wood. They have a weight of 4.4 oz, a length of 180mm, and are available in 2 colors. A quality product that offers decent casting distance with splashing and floating action can be used for off-shore and surf fishing. It comes standard with a 300lb swivel and quality high carbon hooks. These poppers also work great for Giant Herring. Available at

Handcrafted from solid wood, these GT wooden lures are incredible. They feature thru-wire technology, the finest hardware including super sharp hooks. In addition to this, they are also primed, painted, and then sealed with a high-quality clear coat. They have been individually sealed for maximum durability. The Dr.Fish Topwater GT Popper is designed to zig-zag across the water to imitate a fleeing baitfish. Shoot over and get yours at

Made of wood this high quality topwater stick lure has an amazing action mimicking an injured baitfish on the surface with strong reflective pattern making it attractive to this heavy hitting fish. At 26cm in length and weighing 140g, casting and retrieving this lure is a dream due to its unique shape design. This lure is guaranteed to attract and GT in the area looking for an easy meal. Get a great deal at

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