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Tasty lures to catch tasty Tuna!

The newest generation Yo-Zuri crystal 3D minnow floating diver lure had a spectacular design with a brilliant internal 3D prism design to give the maximum amount of flash and sparkle to attract oceanic predatory fish by mimicking baitfish with its slender profile. With the ability to dive to a depth of 3.5 feet and with a weight of 3/4oz, this minnow is easy to cast and will be in the face of any fast-moving predator looking for an easy meal.

The Halco Max 130 is a cutting-edge minnow with extreme stability for casting or high-speed trolling making it a very versatile lure no matter if you're fishing from the boat or from the rocks. With a low resistance body allows this minnow to be trolled at elevated speeds compared to most lures this size, this in turn entices large predatory fish to come for a look and a hard strike. The slimmer tail design compared to other lures of this class provides maximum hook exposure for a greater hook-up rate once you find the fish. The solid one-piece steel wire construction connecting all your hardware will stand up to and set of choppers that grab a hold of this enticing lure.

The ultimate super strong, super-fast, straight running, super deep diving offshore trolling bait. With a 9" Body, 12.5" including lip this minnow lure dives to 50ft. The DTX Minnow can be trolled from 4kn-14kn. The DTX 220 has been built to withstand the toughest predators in the Ocean, and is ideal for Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Mackerel, and any other predatory pelagic fish. With a full matrix metal plate internal construction give it a reinforced super strong tail and body to stand up to the most powerful of jaws. Fitted with 2 x 13/0 Inline Heavy-Duty Single Hooks, this serious lure won’t let you down when that fish of a lifetime comes along. It means peace of mind and enjoyable time on the water.

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